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Double chins are cute on babies, but not so much on women and men who want to look their best. At Lincolnway Family Care in La Porte, Indiana, Monica Ovalle, MD, a family medicine physician, specializes in noninvasive SculpSure® body sculpting treatments to reduce fat under your chin. As an alternative to surgical procedures, SculpSure gently melts fat from under your chin without needles, invasive procedures, or downtime. If you’re tired of your double chin, book online or call for an appointment. Dr. Ovalle is bilingual in Spanish and English, so she can answer all your questions.

Double Chin Q & A

What causes a double chin?

A double chin, or submental fat, is common in adults who are overweight or as the result of genetics. As you get older, your skin loses elasticity and skin begins to sag. Combined with excess fat, the loose skin adds to your double chin.

How do I get rid of my double chin?

There are several exercises you can do to try to strengthen your neck muscles and firm your skin, such as:

  • Yawning and sticking out your tongue
  • Chewing gum
  • Squeezing a ball under your chin
  • Tilting your head back to “kiss” the sky
  • Whistling toward the ceiling

While these exercises may help firm up the fat under your chin, you have to commit to doing them multiple times a day for quite some time before you notice an improvement.

SculpSure body contouring is a simpler way to fight fat under your chin. Each treatment is just 25 minutes, and you can lose up to 24% of fat cells during that time.* Dr. Ovalle customizes a treatment plan based on your individual needs, as well. So, in the end, you get a more predictable outcome than with exercises and stretches.

How does SculpSure trim my double chin?

The SculpSure body-contouring system uses a safe wavelength of laser energy that is FDA-cleared to treat the area under your chin. The device delivers heat to the targeted fat cells below your skin’s surface without harming the surrounding tissue. It’s a precise method of heating fat cells so they are unable to survive.

Once the fat cells reach an optimal temperature, they die off, and over the next several weeks, your body eliminates them naturally through your lymphatic system. You see a gradual slimming and toning in the area under your chin until your double chin is gone. And, the best part is, fat cells won’t regenerate in the same place.

SculpSure provides a permanent fat-reduction solution to those hard-to-lose areas such as a double chin, making it the nonsurgical treatment of choice, with no downtime, needles, or stretching needed.

Find out if SculpSure can help reduce your double chin. Call the friendly office staff to schedule or book online.

*Individual results may vary.