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If you’ve done sit-ups, crunches, and planks until you’re out of breath and you still can get that flat stomach you desire, there’s a surefire way to get it with SculpSure® body-contouring system from CynoSure®. Monica Ovalle, MD, a family medicine physician at the practice of Lincolnway Family Care in La Porte, Indiana, specializes in noninvasive SculpSure body-sculpting treatments so you can get the flat, toned stomach you’ve always wanted. When diet and exercise aren’t enough, SculpSure noninvasive treatments offer proven fat-reduction for a slimmer silhouette. Call the office to schedule or book online.

Flat Stomach Q & A

Why do I have excess belly fat?

Fat around your abdomen is extremely unhealthy and is a common problem among both men and women. It’s often the result of a poor diet and lack of physical activity, but the aging process also contributes to the accumulation of fat around your middle. Eating foods that are high in sugars and trans fats or drinking alcohol all add to the belly-fat problem.

As you age, you lose muscle tone, and fat increases if you don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your belly isn’t the easiest area to trim and tone with exercise, either, and some people are just genetically predisposed to a larger circumference around their middle.

How can I get a flat stomach?

As with other areas of fat that you’d like to reduce, tone, and firm, adopting a healthier diet is essential. To lose weight, you need to eat a diet that’s low in sugar and carbohydrates, plus increase your physical activity. Targeted exercises that tone your abs include:

  • Crunches or sit-ups
  • Standing crunches and balancing exercises that tighten your core
  • Walk 30 minutes a day
  • High-intensity training

To get results from diet and exercise, you need to make a commitment to a healthier lifestyle so that once you lose excess belly fat, you can keep it off. Sometimes, though, after all your efforts, you lose weight, but fat seems to linger around your midsection. SculpSure body-sculpting treatments are a great way to add the finishing touches to your diet-and-exercise program so that you can get a flat stomach to show for all your hard work.

How does SculpSure work to tone my stomach?

SculpSure is a state-of-the-art laser system that’s FDA-approved to reduce fat in stubborn areas such as your stomach. The SculpSure applicator belt fits around your waist and targets your belly fat. In just 25 minutes per treatment, you can lose up to 24% of unwanted fat.*

SculpSure body contouring sends laser energy to the fat cells that are below the surface of your skin. The fat cells are heated to a temperature that kills them off. The surrounding tissue is unharmed, and your body naturally eliminates the dead fat through your lymphatic system.

Once the fat is gone, it’s gone for good, as fat cells don’t regenerate in the same place. If you’re ready to get the sculpted, flat stomach you’ve always wanted, SculpSure may be the ideal solution. Call to schedule an appointment, or use the online booking tool.

*Individual results may vary.